Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell in Retail?
Yes. Ryan Adda preselects our retailers. Thus, only leading eyewear boutique qualified by Ryan Adda team carries the Ryan Adda Brand.

What’s the difference between buying online and in retail?
Online Orders. 
-Simply enjoy shopping from your living room.  

Ryan Adda Frames + Non-prescription with Anti-Reflecting Lenses 
Ryan Adda Frames + Without Lenses for fitting in other retail or appointed boutiques  

Retail Orders. 
-If you want to feel it, touch it and get personalized experience and services, retail is the way. 
-Purchase your Ryan Adda at any of the leading Retail Optometrist boutiques carrying Ryan Adda Brand.
-For more comprehensive and complicated prescription or additional services required to be Professional fitted and prescribed by qualified Optometrist

What payment methods do you accept online?
We currently accept payments for online orders using Visa, Mastercard and PayPal 

What prescriptions do you cover?
We currently only sell Non-prescription with Anti-Reflecting Lenses or Without Lenses for fitting in other retail or appointed boutiques. Which means, we don’t prescribe here. If you need prescription lenses fitted, you can either walk straight to our boutiques carrying Ryan Adda brands or Order them online and bring it to your favourite Optometrist. 

What is my pupillary distance (PD)?
Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance between the centre of both pupils in millimetres. The PD is required by our optical technicians, optician or optometrist to fit your lenses accurately and achieve the most effective and comfortable outcome for you. 

When will my glasses arrive?
All online orders will take around 7-10 business days. 

What if I just want the frames without lenses?
Online Order. This isn't a problem! We will happily send you the frame only if you need to have your lenses fitted by your favourite Optometrist or are purchasing it as a gift for someone or simply just get them prescribed at boutiques carrying the Ryan Adda brand. Please make a note "send frame only" when making your purchase, or get in touch with us at
If you're looking at wearing glasses as a fashion accessory, select 'Non-prescription with Anti-Reflective Coating'. These lenses are the same quality as prescription lenses, and will offer the same anti-reflective, scratch-resistant treatment.

Do you offer eye testings?
Yes! We have optometrists available to test eyes across all our Leading Authorized Retail Optometrist boutiques carrying Ryan Adda Brand.

What are your Frames made out of?
Our frames are mostly made out of the highest quality cellulose acetates, metal alloys and titanium. Each sheet of acetate can take up to 10 weeks to create and all frames are cut individually. This means that every frame is unique. 

Why are the eyeglasses so cheap?
Online Orders. We are very proud of our frames and lenses! The reason they cost less is because we use a new business model to eliminate the unnecessary parts of the supply chain. There is no reason eyeglasses should cost more than an iPhone simply because they have a small brand name on the temple. 

My frames don’t fit perfectly, what should I do?
Online Orders. If your frames don’t fit properly or you have any other concerns please email us at so we can help! After assessing the situation, we will work out the best solution for you. 

Retail Orders. Just drop by at our boutique 😉